and the holidays are here!

IMG_20131208_201519 IMG_20131208_185924 IMG_20131208_111429 IMG_20131208_111336

Holy molies Christmas and New Year’s is right around the corner!  I can’t believe how fast it has come..I swear the days are long but the year is fast!  Our little family went to pick out a noble fir tree for our house today!  It was quite exciting as it was our very first tree for our very own house!  We owned this house last year but we were in Hawaii for most of the holidays because of my Master’s graduation so we opted out of the holiday decor.  Holy molies I can’t believe this is Niven’s 2nd Christmas!  He very much enjoys ripping up paper this year so I think he’ll enjoy opening presents a lot.  My siblings are both coming into town for the holidays and I’m soooo excited!!!  I miss them so much and its so nice to have some of my family here any time of the year but especially during these family-heavy holidays!




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