The Best Christmas Present Ever



Santa gave me the best Christmas present ever!

I love love love music.  It makes living so much better.

I think I will be happier to do my house chores this year as I will be able to blast my favorite tunes while doing such daunting tasks :).  We’ve really been able to enjoy this gift as a family too.  EVERY time its turned on my little hapa boy throws both his arms up to be held because he wants to dance!  His face is lit up with a huge smile as we sway back and forth and he goes into little dips.

I love hearing the little crackles on old records, it just makes the room feel so cozy.  The new records have so much depth in sound…its amazing how different music sounds on a record, on a cd, and an mp3.  Mp3’s are great when I’m out running but when I’m at home, I always opt for cds because the sound is so different…and now I have the option for VINYL :).  Going back in time never felt so great!


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