On Motherhood Lately

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I am really enjoying motherhood lately.  It is very teaching-heavy which could get frustrating at times when my little toddler tests and defies me but this is the part where I can begin to teach him the rights and wrongs.  Although his vocabulary is limited and he is unable to fully express what he wants to say, his comprehension of my speech is stellar.  This is how kids are.  They are able to understand for more than they are able to speak…this is the very reason many parents teach their kids to sign (baby sign language) for better communication.

Niven is very attentive and learns so quick.  He watches his surroundings and watches anyone do something once and he’ll be able to mimic it if he wants to — and he almost always wants to copy everything these days.  Its amazing BUT  put him in the wrong environment and wrong situation and he’ll pick up those habits so quick that its scary too.

I am beginning to teach Niven the idea of “sorry” — to apologize for his mistakes.  Mark butted in (trying to defend his son) and said Niven doesn’t know what sorry is so why do I keep wanting to him to apologize.  I know his intentions were to safeguard his son from my frustration but I disagree totally.  How does he think Niven learned to say “hot” when he sees my coffee/tea mug?  I taught it to him even when I didn’t think he could understand.  This is what teaching is.  It’s planting the seed, the idea, before the concept is understood fully.  It has to start somewhere, it has to start early, and it has to be repetitive.  This is where the foundation is laid. These are the formative years.

I just cringe when I hear people say “they’re too young to understand” so they don’t do any teaching. BIG MISTAKE.   I agree that sometimes they may be to young to understand but that is the teaching moment.  Don’t not do any teaching.  Lay a seed.  Let the thought run through their mind and slowly work on building more on that as time goes by.


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