Happy Birthday America!


(spent the morning at the community pool)

I have been feeling really fortunate about living in America lately – being an American citizen.  It is so easy to forget how lucky we are to have our rights and our freedom that many others in the world desperately want.  My very own family has been blessed for being able to flee to America and be where we are today.  My dad fled Vietnam as a boat refugee in the 70s.  My mom was sponsored to the states as my grandmother fell in love and married an American G.I. during the Vietnam war.  They were people who came with nothing but their bare hands but given the opportunity to do so much with their lives — like really owning and benefiting from their work and not being oppressed by a totalitarian government.

Now, keeping abreast with the news on the fleeing immigrant children and all these terrible civil wars taking place at this very moment — makes me so sad — and here we are, the citizens of the U.S., complaining about “first world problems”  AND then I watch shows like Death by China and think we’re doomed!   ANYWAY today is America’s birthday and with that thought in mind — we spent the day with our family and community, focusing on being happy and grateful for this beautiful life.



(Niven is obsessed with buses since SF and was very excited to find the Tucson streetcar at a stop)


(great blues music & food @ Mercado San Agustin Market)


(N playing with other kids but this picture doesn’t capture it, lol)

20140704_185254(American cheese, olives, and red wine YUM!)


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