Reunited with San Francisco







Ah San Francisco, I totally remembered why I love you so much!!

It’s been about five years since I was last wandering the streets of San Francisco and it was really good to be able to do it with my family this time around!  I used to spend lots of time in SF and was actually planning on moving there before I found out I was admitted into graduate school in Hawaii.  I had planned on moving once I finished graduate school but of course, sometimes, things always don’t go as planned — I got married, got pregnant, gave birth, then finished graduate school LOL!

We were there a few weeks ago as my husband chose to do a continuing education conference in my favorite city — so that Niven and I could enjoy ourselves a bit and make it a getaway for us.  We had a blast!  Mark even fell in love with the city ..dont be surprised if you find us relocating to the bay area in a couple years ;o).

After what seemed like a day of traveling, we found ourselves in Golden Gate Park at a huge free concert called Alice’s Summerthing!  Thousands of people of all ages were there with their blankets sprawled out on the lawn.  Guess who was one of the headliner’s?  INGRID MICHAELSON — my fave FOR FREE!! I remembered by I loved SF to begin with.  The people, the arts, the culture, the mentality that you can enjoy your life!!

I had a lot of fun showing my husband and son around — revisiting old places, finding new ones.  We wandered down the Haight for some light shopping.  We had an amazing dinner at House of Prime Rib (its been 10 years since I’ve been there!!).  We played some games at an arcade in Japantown.  We spent a morning down at the wharf, sipping coffee, watching crazy people swim in the cold water.  We played at the most amazing children’s park in Golden Gate Park!  We experienced a delectable brunch in Cole Valley!  I took Niven to the Academy of Science and he went wild looking at all the exhibits!  We caught the muni a whole lot  — and Niven’s obsession with the “big, big bus” was born.  We met and chatted with so many nice people (i’m sorry but not the same can be said in Tucson)!!    It was great and it was a trip well-needed for our family.

Oh and needless to say, it was a great break from the heat wave in the desert! LOL

(enjoying an ice cream cone at Haight-Ashbury)


(the wharf)


(chasing birds at GGP)

I feel so “at home” in San Francisco.  Its a place that I feel I can thrive as a person — physically and mentally.  Hope to be back soon!


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