22 month old

My 22 month old is so crazy fun but does throw a lot stronger tantrums than he ever has. LOL.


His words now are:
– big, big bus
– blue
– bollow (which is his way of saying pillow)
– inside
– outside
– sorry
– bike
– no
– seis (yes)
– ponzu
– choo choo train (choo choo is old but he added train ;o) )
– woo woo (police)
– reow/meow for cats
– rawr for big cats
– cheese (his fave food)
– juice
– water
– shoes
– socks
– that
– this
– where
– oh there it is (when he sees our car)
– buhbye
– hi
– dog
– duck

-poo poo


and he sticks his tongue out to ask for gum.LOL.

This is one of the most amazing parts of having a child, witnessing and nurturing their growth. I wish I could see the things that go on in his little head — I think I would see lots of neat little thoughts going on! He is a funny little boy with a really good spirit. He loves to laugh and make others laugh. He hugs, kisses, and smiles a whole lot. He’s beginning to willingly socialize with other kids a lot more than he did before. We can still go out to eat at a restaurant and enjoy a meal without a big tantrum or mess (YESSSSS!!!!) There was a small time period we couldn’t at all — i think it was when he was first learned to walk. He absolutely LOVES all kinds of animals. Pet store, zoo, animal museum, you name it..wherever there are live animals he could spend all morning there! The best part is he really loves his family unit. NOTHING brings him more joy than his mom, dad, and him hanging out all together. He often hugs both at the same time and absolutely HAS to both of our hands when out and about. Isn’t that just the cutest thing?


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