Eve of 30


Today at around noon it dawned on me that this is the very last day of my 2os!  Holy molies!!!  From 29 to 30 is not a big deal but when I think about 20 to 30..that’s monumental!

I turned 20 while studying abroad in Hainan, China.  I distinctly remember celebrating it with my fellow classmates at a McDonalds in Hainan with a sweet birthday cake.  That weekend, I bought a flight out to Beijing for the weekend because I really wanted to see the Imperial Palace and the Great Wall of China.

Turning 21 happened in my friend Tommy’s pool in Hawaii Kai.

I had a three-day party when I turned 25.  It was at a bowling alley, at Tommy’s pool, and at an MGMT concert.

I got married 3 days before I turned 26….and then I turned 26 with a backstage tour of Reid Park Zoo in Tucson.

28 happened while I was a belly full of Niven, babymooning with Mark in Portland, OR.

Now here I am on the eve of turning 30 in my dining room in Tucson, AZ.  All I want is to eat crab for dinner tomorrow!!! 🙂

My 20s were amazing.  My mind and heart is filled with so many precious memories with many beautiful souls.  Thank you for all your love, support, and energy!!

I can’t wait to turn 30!  You best bet believe I’d be just as excited to be turning 50, 60, 70, or 80!  Life is so frail and precious.  Its the little things that make it worth living.  The very little things — all piled up that make a crazy/beautiful life.


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