Trail Dust Town

It seems everyone around me has this newfound obsession with Disneyland.  I really don’t know what it is but its definitely the latest trend.  I grew up obsessed with Disney films and Disney characters and I DO NOT have an obsession with the amusement park. It’s not magical to  me.

You know what is magical though?  Old western towns!  Lucky for me Tucson’s got a couple that I can amuse myself at and this one called TRAIL DUST TOWN is awesome!!  I finally had the energy to take Niven here last week and boy, did we have fun!  We rode on the merry-go-round 3xs in a row.  I was very dizzy but Niven kept asking for more (and kids under 3 ride free!).  We also rode on a mini ferris wheel and a train that drove around the whole little town.  It was magical.

There’s a cowboy steakhouse in this little town that’s supposed to be pretty good but we didn’t try it, yet.  I think if you wear a tie there, they cut it off.  LOL.  Who wears ties in Tucson?!

20140718_180814 20140718_173943 20140718_174554 20140718_174539 20140718_185153 20140718_175429 20140718_175028 20140718_191242 20140718_191258 20140718_192027

Niven says “CHOO CHOO” 🙂


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