A Truly Loving Family is Everything

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Niven has been so lucky to be able to spend so much quality time with his grandparents and aunties (blood & my friends)!!!  Grandma buys him all sorts of fresh fruits that are only available here or in Southeast Asia LOL! She also makes him all kinds of good foods that he’s accustomed to waiting for it in the kitchen with her!  Grandpa plays with him every morning and occasionally gives him $20 for a choo-choo ride in the mall!  Every morning he waits patiently for his Aunty Julz, whom he calls ON-TEE so cutely, to wake up and play with him before she heads out to school.  It is so heartwarming to see him bonding with family so naturally.  I can even tell he’s sooo much more lively and happy here with all this good energy.  He was a happy baby already…but here he’s 10000xs happier.  Its amazing :).

Yesterday he and grandma each had a scoop of ice cream from Tasty’s.  It was pretty adorable!!!


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