Makapu’u Lighthouse

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My girlfriend Jen and I took Niven on a stroller ride up Makapu’u Lighthouse trail since that’s the only paved hike on the island that we can take a stroller up :).  It was hot as heck but windy at the top so we were able to cool off when we got to see the lovely view :).  There’s something special about getting a breathtaking view with a hike….in Tucson, you don’t always get a view….well you NEVER get a view with blue ocean!  I’ve been so spoiled where I EXPECT a view of greenery and an ocean at the peak of my hike! 🙂  Anyway, the locals seemed to have copied the European love lock phenom by placing love locks at the top of this hike…not sure if I dig the idea but Niven liked it….


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