I’m too often reflecting on the growth of my son, who is now a walking, talking, running little boy!  He says and does the funniest little things these days and I need to really write them down somewhere before I forget all his little quirks.

Niven’s very helpful.  He’s often found saying “Nini DO IT!” which means he’ll do it himself or that he’s already done it himself.

He loves to help YOU flush the toilet after YOU’VE done #1 or #2.  He’ll stand there saying “Wait.” and after the deed is done “Ok Nini do it!”  Ta-da I did it!”

He’s not potty trained yet.  He’ll play with his potty but never really use it.  When he’s disappeared from my sight for a good 10 minutes, watching me quietly from a corner of the house I know he’s #2-ing.  After he’s done he comes over to me, turns around to face his butt towards me and says “Mama, poo-poo” “Big poo-poo”  If you talk to him when he’s in his little corner though, he ‘ll run off saying “no, no, no, no!”

On Christmas, he received a 7-inch long alligator gummy in his stocking and when he opened it he kissed it and said “I LOVE YOU!”  haha.

Last night we had the front door open and Niven heard sirens drive by.  He went over to the door and yelled in his hands “WOO-WOO, com-ere! (Come here)!”  It was funny because about 5 minutes before hand the smoke alarm in our house was going off due to failed attempts at us starting a fire in our fireplace.


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