[Photo from March Newsletter from his “School”]

Niven is now 2 and a half years old!  He is a ball of mostly good energy — he can be tantrummy energy in the early evenings if he decides to skip his naps on a certain day or two!  Lately his use of language has been exploding and it’s truly amazing to hear of the new things he says and how he applies certain things like:

He found a grub worm while gardening one day and decided to keep it in a bucket of dirt.  A few minutes after finding it he looked into his bucket and said “IT’S NOT WORKING!”  Poor thing.  The worn died, haha…funny but not.  Sorry worm.

One night he offered to massage his dad…then he said “I do for tic tacs.”  LOL.  He’s already learned seldom are things done for free in life.  🙂

Gosh.  Its already time for me to look into schooling systems for him.  How has this day come so quickly?

Some days he’s a dinosaur, other days he’s a frog hopping all over the floors.

He loves gardening and especially loves eating the carrots he grew in the garden.  He does not eat store bought carrots but loves eating the ones we pick out of the ground :).

I love living life with him!

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