Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!


Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to us!  Three years seems like such little time, I swear its been about 10 years since this party :).  As you all may or may not know, our wedding anniversary is not our marriage anniversary.  Mark and I married in 2010 the same weekend we got engaged.  Yes, we eloped.  It was fun being married secretly..it was also fun being married and still keeping my original last name.  Of course we have since thrown the big party for our family and friends to make it “official.”  Did you know there is a study out there that shows that the bigger your wedding, the least likely you are to get divorced.  The reason behind it is that you exchanged such vows in front of a bigger audience/community hence you are more likely to want to make things work and be accountable.  It makes sense but its kinda funny at the same time because i would never want to throw a bigger party than we did (80 people — which is considered small in terms of weddings) because it was so expensive!!  The whole time I kept thinking “OMG I COULD GO ON A REALLY NICE VACATION WITH THIS MONEY!!”  but of course it was all worth it.  I loved that most of my dearest friends and family flew their butts out to my sorta destination wedding and partied all weekend together!  My only regret was that I couldn’t party with them most the time because I was exhausted (in my 1st trimester of pregnancy)!!!

I absolutely love this picture of our wedding.  It shows everyone who was there to celebrate.  EVERYONE.  These are the people who support our love and marriage and I am so thankful.  What I’ve learned in the past years of being married is that every couple needs people like this.  You need  people who will cheer you on and support your love — especially when you think your relationship is not going to make it.  You need the ones who believe in your relationship sometimes more than you do.  You need the ones who will give you nonjudgemental advice or if its judgmental advice– its to both partners.  You need the ones who will tell you to stop being stubborn or isn’t afraid to tell your partner to quit being a dick and try to understand one another.  You need the ones who will take one of you in their house for a couple of nights or two to help cool down the heat.  You need these genuine cheerleaders — i truly believe they are a key factor in marriage salvation! So thank you dear family and friends — thank you for standing behind us and beside us!

and thank you Mark, for always loving me even when I’m hard to love sometimes :).

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