Happy New 2016


2015 turned out to be a really great year!

I struggled, I conquered.

I kept running and I somehow miraculously ran my fastest ever (9 minute miles –after months of not running NONETHELESS).

I started pottery — a pursuit in which I wanted for YEARS.  It fills my soul with so much joy to start something I wanted to start, just for me and my happiness.  I don’t do it to bond with anyone else but myself.  i.e. silver smithing I mostly do to bond with my husband and father in law.  Want to know something cool?  My father-in-law was inspired by me to start pottery too (he’s in a diff time slot)!

I traveled with my parents for the first time ever!  and I traveled a lot with my little family by plane and car.  Mark and I took our first night away from Niven when we went to Kauai <3.

It was just really awesome all around.

Let’s not forget I earned my first paycheck ever as a Nurse Practitioner but not only that..I started bonding with strangers again, especially in Tucson.  My patients were so wonderful and reminded me why I love old people so much and reminded that I actually do love people!  (for a while I was thinking I was getting really anti-people because of all the rude, bad things that were happening ON THE DAILY).

2016 is going to be even better — I BELIEVE.





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