Sedona Days

Last week my girlfriend Jennifer decided on a whim (like 3 days before going) that she wanted to spend a couple days in Sedona, AZ.  She booked an airbnb for herself and extended an invite to me.  I’m so lucky to have such an amazing understanding husband who not only let me go but reassured me that he and Niven would be FINE.

I had tons of anxiety for this trip:

1.  I would have to drive on the I-10 and I-17 to Sedona ALONE (very scary since I vowed to almost never drive I-10 again since my near death rollover accident)

2.  I would leave Mark to care for Niven alone during his work week.

BUT I really, really wanted to meet Jennifer because she is one of my closest girlfriends and we always have a good time together because we have a lot in common like hiking, drinking, and laughing (not all at the same time, no worries).  I bottled up those fears and with tons of reassurance from both husband and Jen, I ventured off.

IT WAS SO FUN! 🙂  We watched the sunset and went to a fancy dinner.  We woke up and hiked. We never made it to Devil’s Bridge because it was SO MUDDY and covered with ice on the last stretch.   We went shopping.  I saw a psychic and she took an aura photo.  We laughed.  We hiked Bell Rock, sorta.  We made microwave popcorn we found in the drawers of our place and made really sad pasta soup and drank wine and talked all night til we passed out.  And then after breakfast it was time to go home.

It was hard to believe I was away for 2 nights and man, I really missed the boys.  I got to hear Niven’s voice on the phone for the FIRST TIME EVER.  He has the cutest little voice :).  There was not a second I didn’t think about Niven while I was away…just goes to show you how a woman’s life is transformed when she becomes a mother.  I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life ever again where I’ll never think about my child/ren.  I wonder how much I cross my mother’s mind :).





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