hello summertime.

I’ve made a list of ten things I’d like to do this summer (before August 22nd rolls around).

  1. Go on three new hikes (that’s 1 new trail a month).
  2. Learn how to clean my mountain bike, on my own.
  3. Make homemade sangria.
  4. Prepare and enjoy a picnic at the park with friends.
  5. Celebrate some special occasions with mi amo (like my birthday!)
  6. Bring Ponzu to Hawaii!
  7. Go bowling with my family (dad, mom, sis, + bro!)
  8. Enjoy 1 novel for leisure (any suggestions?)
  9. Snorkel with my sister (she’s been dying to do it together, I think we should start scuba diving!)
  10. Add a new plant to my mother’s garden.  Zucchini?

Of course I’m in school full-time, have a part-time job, enrolled in a summer jewelry course, and have  a crapload of projects to get done…but I hope to get my summer to-do list done too! 🙂

What are your plans this summer?



Raja Ampat

just magical

Misool Indonesia

I will explore you & your water critters someday soon 🙂