More from the 2011 Honolulu Century Ride

Here’s an awesome video of the 2011 HCR!  (I did not make this).

An official photo that I did not purchase because I think $26 for a 4×6 is ridiculous.  I paid $80 to do the ride and already eating breadcrumbs as it is to make up for it!!!

i ♥ my brother & sister

I spent an hour going through old photos of our travels together and also uploaded it to my facebook, just because.  I dont know why.  Most times I really hate facebook.  I can elaborate more on why I hate facebook later.  …but for now, while i’m in arizona…I deal with it because its my only friend. otherwise I’d only be communicating with my dogs all day.

My brother and sister are the best travel companions.  I decided no matter where I go, I hope at least one of my siblings is with me so that we can share the experience together.  We’ve always agreed that we’d take 1 family trip together a year.  Our family trips only includes us three as our parents don’t travel.  Sometimes its to a neighbor Hawaiian island, sometimes its to a different country.  No matter where we go, its always really fun.  We have the most special bond — sometimes I really do think it is so rare.  I don’t know how my mom or dad did it…what they did and said to us that made us all love each other so much…but they did it well…and we are so lucky.  It isn’t always honky-dory happy.  There were times that we had really big fights..fights that could cause a huge fallout…but our love always pulled through.  I hope it always does.  I hope that we always understand each other especially in times of disagreement.

I love you Alexander & Juliann!!!