Over the Weekend (in pics mostly)

the santa catalina's covered in snow!

honeycakes made me some breakfast ūüôā

my crazy boys

it began to hail. look closely!

yours truly..in the hail

isn't the desert just gorgeous?


on this monday morning

  • isn’t that one of the cutest mail you could ever receive?
  • i LOVE getting snail mail that aren’t bills, bills, bills.
  • we even got some cycling dvds from ariel in the mail this weekend
  • what a treat!
  • this past weekend was one of the best weekends i’ve had in a long time.
  • friday = university atmosphere + wilko
  • saturday = botanical gardens + gun shopping
  • sunday = cycling + golf + indoor shooting range
  • plus lots of lazy couch time ..ALL with my amazing love.
  • i enjoy any time we have together because i feel like i don’t really get to do much with him…and i’m not even working yet
  • when i’m working we probably wont even see each other
  • Yes, you did see that i went gun shopping.
  • i am exercising my 2nd amendment
  • its something i’ve been going back and forth about for years now
  • just because its so powerful
  • but (and i hate to say this) with all the idiots who exercise their right
  • i should feel fine…and i finally do.
  • its strictly for self-defense…and hobby shooting.
  • this is the one we got.
  • its quality, accurate, and aesthetically-pleasing (black, metal, ¬†and rosewood!).
  • put 150 rounds through it yesterday…love it!
  • lots of cleaning around the house to do today
  • lots of reading
  • ahh. ok have a lovely week!

btw..it was UNBELIEVABLY EASY to own a gun here in AZ. ¬†seriously, its scary. ¬†in Hawaii, i had to go through all kinds of training, classes, hours, checks….. in AZ, took 5 minutes to pick out a gun and fill out a form. ¬†SCARY!!!